• jig

    会場:  Interior Lifestyle Tokyo
    year:  2017
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    “jig” is a project that FULLSWING(design&crafting team) and Yoshita Handi-Design Studio(product design mainly tableware) started jointly.
    An auxiliary device used to hold materials in place while machining and assembling is called a “jig”. It is something which situates between a simple tool and a mold and is  individually made to fit the shape and function of each product. Its quality can affect productivity, as well as strength and precision of the final products. Therefore, it is a very important factor in a production process,  Items that reflect deep consideration of designs and functions have an ability to change qualities and comforts of everyday life, though their users may seldom realize it. The “jig” series is an attempt to explore and develop such products.


    会場:  DELFONICS gallery
    会場デザイン:  合板研究所
    year:  2012
    photo:  Takumi Ota
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    DELFONICS galleryにて合板研究所によるエキシビジョン。FRAMEとBLOCKに 焦点をあて新作プロダクトを発表。